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New construction

Since 2013 Liften Spaas also installs elevators in new construction with the same commitment and craftmanship of our modernisations.


We use our own unique elevator controller which is completely open and accessible by any schooled technician.

We install elevators for residential projects and work together with the best contracters and building promoters. Our elevators are electric with/without machine room. The rated load goes from 225 until 5000 kg.


Types of elevators

We collaborate with IMEM for the mechanical components of the elevator.

IMEM is a Spanish manufacturer of as well electrical as hydrolic elevators. They offer high quality elevators which fit the smallest of elevator shafts.

More details can be found on:

Pro Top:
Elevator used with normal passenger traffic - SILENS PRO TOP LEP

Residlift: private home lift – RESIDLIFT

Vanguard: lift for heavy traffic – SILENS PRO GENERAL

Lift cars: Datasheet
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