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Quality and durability:

  • we show this with guarantee
  • we always go for the most robust solution
  • we only go for satisfied customers
  • we only use materials that have proven their durability
  • we will never try to save using cheap materials


  • failures are easily resolved
  • any elevator maintenance company can perform maintenance without any problem
  • the repair costs are kept low



Custom work:

  • each lift is different, therefore we:
    • measure the elevator first
    • the material gets tailored to the elevator
    • finally the perfectly tailored material gets assembled
  • we spent a lot of time in searching for materials that complement the elevator
  • the work is always carefully executed
  • despite a competitive price a durable custom made solution is offered.
  • our low price will never make concessions on quality

Why upgrade?

There may be several reasons why your elevator needs to be modernized:

  • Your elevator breaks down regularly.
  • Some essential components are worn out by age or frequent use.
  • The elevator no longer meets current safety standards.
  • Your elevator should get a facelift.
  • You want a better ride comfort and stopping accuracy.
  • You want to minimize the waiting time for the elevator by an intelligent call system.



Our approach

How do we handle this:

  • the risk analysis is studied by specialists with years of experience.
  • the wishes and needs of the customer are analysed.
  • Based on your requirements we will give you our proposal and we advise you on which tasks are the most urgent.



If it is defined what needs to be modernized, your elevator gets modernized within the agreed timeframe.

We only rely on materials and systems that have already proven their reliability in the past, and ensure you that the comfort and safety is optimized.

The price and quality are kept in mind.

Our goal of modernization is that the user can take the elevator in a safe and comfortable way, without any inconveniences.

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